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Building a digital-first agency
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Start 13 Jan, 15:00 UTC
End 13 Jan, 15:30 UTC
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What's it about?

To mark the 50th anniversary of Behaviorally, the market leader for driving shopper growth, Alex Hunt (CEO) and Crispin Beale (President) sit down with Kristin Luck (Founder of Scalehouse and President of ESOMAR).

What's in it for me?

We will discuss:

  • what 50 years of learnings have taught us about shopper behaviour 

  • ways in which the disruptive forces of technology have underpinned Behaviorally’s transformation into a digital-first player

  • the capabilities that will differentiate Behaviorally, and others who create and deliver value through insights for the next 50 years

Who is this for?

All those interested in shopper behaviour and building a digital-first agency.


Alex Hunt
Chief Executive Officer at Behaviorally
Crispin Beale
ESOMAR Representative, Senior Strategic Advisor at mTab, CEO at Insight250, CEO Insights250 & Group President at Behaviorally
Kristin Luck
ESOMAR Council Member, President at ESOMAR, Founder and Managing Partner at Scalehouse

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