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Learn about the frameworks and methods to be used through case studies
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Welcome to Virtual Academy On-Demand 

This on-demand training offers you access to six-hours of content, split into three sessions so that you can learn at your own pace and convenience. You'll also be able to download resources, see the trainer's contact information and earn a certificate. It's time for you to level up.


Starting with a short introduction to Behavioural Economics, you will explore ‘Behavioural Pricing’ as an alternative approach that acknowledges the valid aspects of value-based pricing but goes beyond them where they have proven to fail in reality. This will lead you to a validated and award-winning ‘Behavioural Pricing’ framework that defines the strategic pricing levers, as well as the implication this has on evolving existing methods and tools to measure price acceptance. All aspects are supported by many case studies from different companies in B2C and B2B sectors.

What will you learn?

  • What practical implications ‘Behavioural Economics’ has for pricing and sales

  • How to deploy a completely new framework that goes beyond value-based pricing

  • How to develop smarter pricing strategies

  • How to evolve the classic pricing methods to capture the actual role of price for customers

  • How this translates into significantly higher conversion rates and margins for B2C and B2B

Who should attend?

  • Marketing managers

  • insights managers

  • Insights and analytics professionals,

  • Sales managers

  • Pricing managers

Suggested level of expertise?

If you have already collected experience in pricing and pricing research, this workshop is extremely well suited for you.

However, it also provides a good introduction to people who are rather new to the field of pricing and sales.

Programme at a glance

  • Introduction to Behavioural Economics

  • Implications for Pricing and Sales

  • Strategic framework and case studies

    • Pricing

    • Sales

  • Toolbox and case studies

Meet your trainer

Florian Bauer
Member of the Executive Board at Vocatus